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Mubayirenyi Webster (Mubayirenyi)

Mubayirenyi Webster (Mubayirenyi)
Painter, Sculptor / carver, Art critic
Column : Fine arts, Design, Arts and crafts
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Webster Mubayirenyi is a fine artist specialized in landscapes, portraits, design creative art, sculpting and printmaking.
In 2014 he won the Zimbabwe National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA)'s best 2 dimension art and was also nominated for 2 dimension art in 2015.
His works were selected for 2015 and 2016's national calendar.
In 2014, his works were selected to be painte in Speke avenue in the city of Harare under Jimmy Saruchera Koovha Gallery.

Learn more at http://new.gallerydelta.com/news/terra-ii/ ; http://www.nationalgallery.co.zw/ ; http://www.verandahgallery.co.zw

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