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Release date : Monday 01 december 2014
Genre : Novel

Book ISBN number : 9780797495395

Year : 2014
Column : Literature, History/society, Heritage

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By Cynthia Marangwanda.

Shards explores the links between the African traditional spirit world which unfortunately is harangued into an uneasy silence by colonial conquest faiths. A strong undercurrent of the link between the living and the dead or the living dead permeates this work.

The novella largely is Cynthia's heart rending experiences of her face to face encounters with the African spiritual realm and everyone around her thinks it's nothing, but a mental trauma. They all sought a solution in Christianity and modern medicine. Their radical intolerance of her spiritual vocation justifies their reason to alienate her at the same time giving life to her passion for solitude.

Her use of the stream of consciousness style, exquisite language and gripping imagery takes the reader out of the world of the physical to capture the realities of the world of the divine. Surely this book is a tribute to the late author of ‘Mazivandadzoka', J W Marangwanda the grandfather of the author of Shards. This novella proves that his blood  courses through Cynthia's veins and arteries.

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